Forex trading has evolved dramatically with the advent of technology, especially with the proliferation of information available online. YouTube has become a crucial platform for forex traders to learn new strategies, follow market analyses, and get inspired by successful traders. In this post, we’ll dive into the Top 14 Forex YouTube Channels in 2023 that you should be following, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader.

1. Michael Bamber – A Realistic Forex Journey

Michael Bamber’s channel is a treasure trove for those wanting to understand the realistic aspects of forex trading. His journey, from trials to becoming an FTMO funded trader, is peppered with valuable insights, especially in smart money concepts.

2. Mack Gray – Advanced Trading Concepts

For traders with some experience under their belt, Mack Gray’s channel is a goldmine. His advanced smart money concept teachings are detailed and offer a higher risk to reward in the markets.

3. Hannah Forex – Price Action for Beginners

Hannah Forex is an ideal channel for beginners, focusing on price action-based trading styles. Her transition from Falcon Fx to Guerrilla Trading, and her experience being funded, offers a wealth of lessons for newbies.

4. Trading Rush – Indicator Testing and Strategies

Trading Rush is perfect for newbie traders and those interested in EA trading. The channel’s unique approach of testing each indicator 100 times provides a clear perspective on the success and profitability of various trading strategies.

5. Trading Nick – Basic Price Action Strategies

A veteran in the industry, Trading Nick’s channel is ideal for beginners, offering simple yet effective forex price action trading videos.

6. The Trading Channel – Simple Breakdowns for Newbies

The Trading Channel is excellent for new traders looking for basic, easy-to-understand content. Covering everything from candlestick patterns to risk management strategies, it’s a must-visit for forex novices.

7. Nick Shawn – Simple Techniques, Big Impact

Nick Shawn’s channel stands out for its straightforward price action techniques, making it highly beneficial for beginners in forex trading.

8. The Inner Circle Trader (ICT) – Mystery and Smart Money

ICT’s channel, known for its association with Smart Money Concepts, offers detailed strategies wrapped in a bit of mystery. Despite some controversy, the channel is worth exploring.

9. Trading Nut – Trader Interviews and Strategies

For those who love learning through stories, Trading Nut offers interview-style videos with experienced traders, discussing their strategies and experiences.

10. WicksDontLie – Daily Live Streams

Rakeel’s WicksDontLie channel is renowned for its daily live streams, focusing on basic price action and strategies during the New York trading session.

11. KB Trading – Inspirational Content

KB Trading, run by Sam, leans more towards inspirational content. While it offers fewer live trades, it’s still valuable for beginner traders.

12. Trade Pro – Strategy Testing

Like Trading Rush, Trade Pro tests trading strategies extensively, sharing profitable strategies that are particularly useful for newbie and algorithmic traders.

13. Trading With Bilz – In-Depth Smart Money Concepts

A relatively new channel, Trading With Bilz, is excellent for those who understand the basics and are ready for more advanced smart money concept trading.

14. FxDanielSavage – Personality and Basic Strategies

Daniel Savage is known for his vibrant personality and straightforward price action trading strategies. His channel is an excellent resource for forex trading newcomers.


Whether you are just starting out or looking to sharpen your trading skills, these 14 YouTube channels offer a wealth of information, strategies, and insights into the forex market. With their diverse range of content and teaching styles, there’s something for every trader on this list.

Remember, successful trading is not just about strategies, but also about understanding market psychology, risk management, and continuous learning. These channels are a great place to start or continue your trading education journey in 2023.