Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, has recently made headlines with the launch of its new social media app, Threads. This innovative platform is seen as a direct competitor to Twitter, and while it’s still in its early stages, industry experts believe it could significantly boost Meta’s long-term revenue. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the potential impact of Threads and what it could mean for Meta’s future.

Threads: A New Player in the Social Media Landscape

Threads, linked to the popular photo-sharing app Instagram, is Meta’s latest venture into the social media landscape. The app was launched with the aim of providing a platform for short-posting text, similar to Twitter. Despite its recent introduction, Threads has already gained significant traction, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing that over 10 million people had signed up shortly after its public launch.

Wall Street Analysts Weigh In

Wall Street analysts have been quick to weigh in on the potential impact of Threads. Wells Fargo analyst Ken Gawrelski stated that while the near-term impact of Threads is likely to be limited, it could lead to a long-term sales boost for Meta. He suggested that Threads could contribute an additional 1-3% to Meta’s annual revenue and EPS at maturity.

Gawrelski also highlighted the potential for Threads to generate an additional 13 to 64 cents per share on an annualized basis, assuming monetization only in the U.S. However, he cautioned that Meta should take a balanced approach to Threads, focusing not just on monetization but also on user experience and content quality.

The Power of Instagram and Celebrity Adoption

Another factor that could play a significant role in Threads’ success is its connection to Instagram. Bank of America analyst Justin Post pointed out that this link could help jumpstart the platform. Furthermore, the potential for celebrity adoption could also boost Threads’ popularity, as celebrities often have a significant influence on social media trends.

However, Post also warned that this could lead to increased regulatory scrutiny and pushback due to the potential for data advantages and platform dominance.

The Long-Term Potential of Threads

While the near-term impact of Threads may not be substantial, its long-term potential is promising. KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Justin Patterson stated that if Threads can reach a sizeable portion of Twitter’s U.S. audience or half of Facebook’s UCAN audience, it could lead to a significant increase in Meta’s revenue.

Patterson estimated a potential $800M-$6.7B (1-5%) lift to Meta’s estimated 2024 revenue, with international monetization likely comparable to the U.S. This suggests that Threads could become a significant revenue driver for Meta in the future.

A Balanced Approach to Threads

While Threads is still in its early stages, it holds significant potential for Meta Platforms. The app’s connection to Instagram, potential celebrity adoption, and the possibility of reaching a large audience all point to a promising future.

However, as Wells Fargo’s Gawrelski pointed out, Meta should take a balanced approach to Threads. Focusing solely on monetization could lead to user dissatisfaction and potential regulatory issues. Instead, Meta should focus on providing a quality user experience, fostering a vibrant community, and ensuring that Threads offers unique value to its users.

As Threads continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how it impacts Meta’s revenue and overall business strategy. For now, it seems that Threads could be a significant player in the social media landscape and a potential revenue booster for Meta Platforms.